Online Reputation Management

Just imagine your business is a person, a successful person. What does a successful person care about most? Reputation. In the same way, a company too cares about its reputation being intact, always. The role of online reputation management in today’s business has become indispensable as customers put their faith in a brand when they make decisions about using your products or availing your services. What can make it possible? Of course, a positive brand image.

But, then again, managing a business is a huge task and you hardly find time to manage online stuff. This is exactly where the online wizards of DigiStreet Media walk in. Let our friendly geeks and tech experts work upon their magic to manage your reputation online. From managing your website to social media accounts to developing strategies that will work in favour to bring in more positive reviews for your business in the online space. We promote good reviews and handle bad ones (if any) effectively.

In short, we will control what shows up when someone Googles your brand.

How we help?

Building A Virtual Infrastructure

Got a website? Is it positioned well in Google results? No? Then let us help you out to have a positive reputation in the virtual world.
  • Handling your social profiles
  • Reviewing / revamping websites
  • Directory listings such as Google Places
  • Using media facilities like videos, images, etc.

Integrating your site with its social media accounts

We ensure that your website is always linked to your social media accounts as it eventually increases it social traffic. We post regularly to update and make your customers aware of the various services that you have to offer. Regular postings showcase your brand as a promising and trustworthy entity.

Respond to bad reviews with calm replies

Customers are unhappy with your service? In this scenario, it’s all about being careful with your words. The key is to accept that you are wrong, apologising, then providing a solution to the problem along with a promise to never repeat it.

Understand your audience

Perhaps the most crucial task. We understand your brand and what kind of audience will it attract, accordingly we work upon our strategies to always maintain a positive reputation.