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About DigiStreet

A Marcom Agency with a Creative Strong-arm


What's in the name?

DigiStreet yells the story of perfection driven digital enthusiasts on a journey in this digital world on the street of ideas, creations, deliberations and innovation. We pass through technologically advanced tunnels to reach an endpoint of perfection and satisfaction for clients and brands. We make sure our walk through this street is wise, making us true Homosapien Marketers. As we walk, you might hear some music reaching your ear, that is the success stories transformed into brand lullabies. Groove along!

Ours is a street of possibilities, innovations and creativity. Make sure you peek into our word ‘S’ under the street light and see the infinite possibilities we offer.

Digital Marketing Agency

Why you need us!

If you have a seed and soil in a pot, will it grow? No, the reason being it needs nurturing in the form of water. The digital age of social media has revolutionised the way of doing business. To remain relevant in this volatile market, one needs the right care and help. Good marketing not just helps in building the name of the brand, but it paves the way for new customers to come in. After all, a plant always needs water, even after it has bloomed.

We at DigiStreet don’t call ourselves knight in shining armour of our clients, but we do take pride in our approach. It involves deep creative ideation and digital audits along with extensive background research in tailoring strategies. It would be no hyperbole to say that we are strong with our creativity and visualising skills which further helps us in delivering promised results for any campaign, website and projects that we handle. In this digital age, customers never sleep, and we do our best to lure them and keep them engaged with our brands and services. Staying relevant is the key we follow.


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Our strategy is simple, understand
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Our Approach

The web has shrunk the world

Marketing & advertising have brought everything just a click away. Branding is nuanced. Let us be your muse & guiding angel.


Research & Planning

Knowing the trends, gripping over what is being searched most, what are the bandwagons and eyeing on competitors. Taking into consideration all these nuances, we formulate a strategy with best of our efforts in an intriguing and articulated way that entices our clients and speaks for itself in getting the approvals.

Customisation and conclusion

As the ball nears the target, we monitor every action and reaction of user behaviour, and we keep on optimising the process to set deliverables with the clients. Our approach is crystal clear. To get your desired results and to get those eyeballs which remember our digital campaign with great fondness for long.

Well communicated

Our key to every communication is keeping ourselves in the shoes of our audience. With a base of adept strategy and approval from clients on the plan of action, we dive deep into our creative fervour to unroll a well stitched and steamed creative carpet for our brand to deliver itself in all its glory. Our communication dance on tunes of trends, while keeping it unique and creative.

Analytic and optimisation

We firmly believe that ‘a thing that doesn’t improve is a thing that perishes’. Our work does not stop after planning, creating and posting. We ensure that our every campaign, every prospect and every creative is monitored and evaluates well. We do this by dissecting every step and doing thorough measurement and optimisation with most advanced tracking methods to create a funnel that yields a high return while keeping value for money intact.

Our Core Team

Our drivers

We walk the talk. What makes us different from others is our team of professionals whom we call ‘Digi Knights’. With the shield of experience and commitment in their respective field, they guard our brand’s marketing warfare and do troubleshooting when needed the most. On the forefront, whether it is our Founder, Co-founder or leaders in their specific fields of marketing, servicing, designing, writing and visualising everything is monitored under a fine magnifying glass of perfection. Whether it’s their direct involvement, precise feedbacks and suggestions in sync with trends or sharing a monthly report with clients its a teamwork. Clarity, reliability, and transparency are upheld at DigiStreet Media between employees, employers, and clients on all grounds and its in consonance with our approach.

Darpan Sharma

Darpan Sharma

CEO, Co-Founder

With an experience spanning 10 years, he has jumped through the right hoops of the advertising industry with surprising vigour and commitment. .

Kavish Arora

Kavish Arora

COO, Co-Founder

His passion for technology is only trumped by his ability to tailor fit solutions for every problem that comes across his way.

Core Team
Amit Singh

A creative technologist, and with a problem-solving mindset: he’s always on the lookout for ways to make things work faster, better, and more efficiently.

Amit Singh

IT - Lead

Sourav Ghosh

Having done a post-grad in advertising, Sourav realized that it would have been better if he jumped into the industry right after school.

Sourav Ghosh

Senior Visualizer



SEO Expert

Malika Mangla

Malika Mangla

Sr. Account Manager

Digital Agency Clients

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Our clients say

Though, your team did not had any prior experience with Consumer Durables but indeed you did an amazing job to deliver us what we required. The Brand Revamp helped us to position ourselves as Health Product in the Market.

— Sandesh Srivastava

VP Marketing & Sales (Nasaka)

We were looking for partners who can help us with making a website that reflects brand ideology with respect to Technology & Innovation. Your team simply did an amazing job and the new website is looking fabulous overall.

— Amar Wadhwa

Marketing, Halonix

I must say all of their campaigns helped us to get more sales. They helped in positioning Stabiliser and Solar tho the market with their innovative messaging. Also, via digital our organic traffic increased by 96% and Queries by 93% in a Year.

— Saurabh Gupta

Marketing Director, Microtek

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