How to Get into Google’s Answer Boxes

Google shows some selected search results below the ads in a box. These are featured snippets and they aim at answering the user’s question right away. Hence, they are also called as answer boxes. For example, if you are searching for the conversion of units or a translation of a particular word, the correct answer would be shown at the top of the result page. This new improvisation has put brands in a race of being featured as it means additional brand exposure without any new marketing tactic.

These featured snippets can be in three forms:

  1. Paragraphs
  2. Tables
  3. Lists

Among these, paragraph type of snippet is more popular. It may or may not contain an image.

Why are snippets a big deal?

These snippets catch the attention of the result more than the website results as they are short and concise. This being the reason, two individual studies conclude that users participated more in quizzes on these featured snippets and the click-through rate for these were also higher than the other results.

Here are some ways in which you can optimize for Google’s featured snippets this year.

  1. Firstly, start on a page with the most tested and proven SEO techniques.
  2. Secondly, make the content easy. Organize the content in such a way that people can scan it and find out whatever is useful for them, without spending too much time going through it.
  3. Include as much information as you can. Make sure it is comprehensible by the audience you intend it for. In the process of hit and trial, you might just find a new technique that works for you.

How to make use of SEO to optimize for snippets?

There is a difference between learning of SEO and implementation of it and one must not rush with it.

This will include getting your hands on a structured markup for the content. Tactfully raise questions and answer them concisely in a specific paragraph. Spread it through the content. Making your content factual proves the authenticity of the information and answer boxes will only contain these facts most of the time. Google prefers structured content. Tables and lists are the best way to get your content into these snippets.

Answering all the questions that can be raised from a single topic is preferred by google rather than dedicating a whole page to one single question or concern. Organizing these questions coherently, in a way that brings out how they are all interconnected will be a little tricky. Consistency in answering the questions is very important so that the reader can follow one topic and can go on to another in a sequence.

To achieve this, a multi-level keyword strategy will help. A lot of closely related queries will be covered in one single content but the priority is to keep the answers concise. The most important part is to include attention-seeking, illustrative and relevant images.

Reaching to Google’s featured snippets is a long process and be mindful of the other small achievements you make through the way. Do keep an eye on your progress.

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